Virtualization for Orange County Businesses

Is your business facing cramped office space, high electricity costs and wasted computing resources? SMB Vision’s virtualization services can solve them all. By simulating a physical computer and all its capabilities, you can host multiple workstations on one server, reducing costs and saving space considerably.

Virtualization also allows you to get more out of your existing resources -- with features like performance optimization (provisioning) and load balancing for CPU and memory, you are able to fully utilize the hardware resources in your infrastructure. This translates into operational efficiencies and enhanced productivity.

Benefits of SMB Vision’s virtualization services:

  • Operational flexibility - with improved desktop and application deployment and better resource management, you can respond to opportunities quickly and efficiently
  • Data security - virtualization systems constantly back up your data in the cloud, meaning it can be easily recovered in the event of disaster
  • Cost-efficiency - network virtualization uses fewer machines, less software and less energy, which adds up to big savings