Network Security for Orange County Businesses

With hackers and malware continually trying to penetrate your network, it is important to have a proactive, top-of-the-line security system in place. And that’s exactly what you get with SMB Vision’ network security solutions. From spam mail to a full-fledged hack, our systems can fend off all forms of common and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Additionally, your business gets a dedicated team of security professionals watching over your systems round-the-clock. They can even identify weaknesses in your infrastructure and suggest recommendations based on your unique business needs and budgetary constraints.

Aside from massive cost-savings from not purchasing high-end security software, you get:

  • Intrusion Protection System (IPS) - this monitors your network for security threats or policy violations and sends you a report when a malicious activity is spotted
  • Firewall - every packet of data that enters or leaves the network is analyzed, and if it doesn’t comply with the security protocols you’ve set, the packet is not allowed to enter your network
  • Email scam/spam protection - junk mail and phishing attempts are automatically removed from your inbox
  • 24/7 monitoring - our experts watch over your network constantly to identify and resolve problems before they escalate into downtime or a data breach