Email/Spam Protection for Orange County Businesses

As your business grows so does its profile. This can attract hackers to try and crack into your system for sensitive data. The most common method involves flooding your inbox with spam and phishing emails, waiting for a misclick that gives the attacker direct access to your servers.

To prevent your data from being compromised, you need a good email and spam protection service, which is exactly what you get from SMB Vision. Not only do we stop spam and detect phishing attempts, we also protect your inbox against viruses, worms and malware.

When you sign up for SMB Vision’ Email/Spam Protection, you can expect:

  • Total security - apart from general protection we also encrypt your email, securing it against additional online threats
  • Comprehensive protection - our systems keep track of suspicious behavior, whether it be from inside or outside the organization
  • Smart filtering system - with advanced technology, our system automatically hides spam/junk emails, giving you a relevant, cleaner inbox