Data Center Migration for Orange County Businesses

Whether you’re simply relocating to a new office, or your existing facilities are unable to keep up with growing client demands, moving IT equipment and workloads is a complex procedure. But with our migration solutions you can focus on streamlining business processes while we transition your network using best industry practices and minimal downtime.

SMB Vision has performed thousands of data center migrations and we follow a finely-tuned roadmap which keeps you in-the-loop about our procedure and progress. Our technicians have the expertise to avoid common and complex pitfalls, ensuring scalability and complete security of your critical business data.

Benefits of using SMB Vision’s migration services:

  • Reduced risk and impact during transition
  • A comprehensive analysis allows us to develop a customized migration plan for your unique needs
  • Fast migration and planned downtime mean your business doesn’t suffer unexpected costs
  • We also offer unlimited support and consultancy during the migration process