Data Backup and Disaster Recovery for Orange County Businesses

Ask any IT professional and they’ll tell you that there are two types of data stores -- those that have failed, and those that will. This is why it is imperative for your company to have a backup and recovery plan that will protect confidential business information from all sorts of disasters, natural or man-made.

SMB Vision’ disaster recovery solutions are structured and comprehensive, meaning you’ll no longer have to worry about data loss and integrity. We ensure your systems are monitored constantly and backed up consistently. SMB Vision also stores your data in multiple on-site and off-site servers, guaranteeing that business operations can be resumed promptly without downtime.

SMB Vision’s backup and disaster recovery planning provides:

  • Fast recovery - we ensure your data can be recovered from the back of any disaster within minutes
  • Automated backups - scheduled data backups will be performed every day without interrupting business processes
  • Custom solutions - our disaster recovery plans are designed based on your budget, data volume, and business directives
  • Multiple redundancies - your data will be stored on our offsite and onsite servers, meaning it is never lost