About SMB Vision

SMB Vision, Inc. was founded by Sam Bottros, out of a market need to provide high-quality, methodical and process driven I.T. support to customers. At the time SMB was founded, there were too many “consultants” and not many professionals doing the work. To bridge this gap, Sam left Cisco where he worked with Stanford University, JP Morgan and Kaiser Permanente to found SMB Vision. He brought his proven and secure approach to technology to small and mid size enterprise companies. Sam wanted to deliver these services to the smaller enterprises that had traditional used the “I.T. guy” and only thought about I.T. after something went terribly wrong, they viewed I.T. as a necessary evil instead of a market enabler.

Sam wanted to show smaller enterprise companies that they could utilize I.T. to grow their profits, grow their business and gain the advantages of providing a rich service experience to their customer and attain business agility over their competition. The vision proved successful after helping companies like Orgain protein and many others, get off the ground and become multi-million dollar companies with a global foot print and relatively small staffs, all based on technology efficiencies. SMB services customers who lead in their industries like manufacturing, cannabis, construction and legal, to name a few.

SMB Vision integrates the world's most innovative technologies, unprecedented engineering design, and proven implementation methodologies to deliver customized IT infrastructure solutions and services for our clients. Starting with strategic design, planning and tactical execution; to management and post deployment support, SMB Vision brings together talent, technology, and trust to every client engagement. Since 2010, SMB Vision has helped their customers plan, build and manage solutions for all their IT needs.

From the moment you meet our consultants and engineers, it will be clear... We will dig in and understand your business. Then, more importantly, we will discover how it can be improved, the available technology that supports it, and begin the process of designing the right solution(s) with the highest levels of return on your investment. No death by PowerPoint and no trying to fit you into the niche that we do business in. We are not happy until your final analysis shows you the great things we can do for your business.

Starting with our executive staff and continuing through our systems engineers and solution consultants, SMB’s employees hold certifications on all of the products and services that we support. In most cases they are typically the highest level of certifications and authorizations available from the manufacturer and industry partners that we represent.

Our full line of services includes:

  • Network lag
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Networking Security
  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • PCI, HIPAA, SOX Compliance
  • Systems Integration & Solutions
  • Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualization Infrastructure
  • Compliance, Audits and Representation
  • User Help Desk Assistance
  • Professional I.T. Services